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Capacitance Tolerance Voltage Rating DC Dielectric Material Dimensions Pitch Temperature Mounting Type Package Size Packaging Manufacturer Specifications Alternatives
0.01 µF ±5% 100V Polyester , Metallized 7.20mm x 2.50mm x 6.50mm 5.00mm (0.197") -55°C to +125°C Through-Hole Radial Tape & Ammo Box Epcos / TDK Datasheet Click to View
Capacitance Tolerance Voltage Pitch Dielectric Material Mounting Type Package Size Temperature Applications Manufacturer Specifications Alternatives
4700 pF ±5% 1600V 15.00mm (0.591") Polypropylene (PP) , Metallized Through-Hole Radial -55°C to +100°C High Pulse Epcos / TDK Datasheet Click to View