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Megastar Electroniques Inc. Return Policy


I. Return Material Authorization

Return Authorization Numbers may be obtained by contacting Megastar Electroniques Inc. at 1-888-634-0042. RMA Numbers ensure that returned product will be properly credited to the Customer's account. Product returned without authorization numbers will be returned to the sender. Please be prepared to provide related part numbers and invoice information when requesting return authorizations.

II. Incorrect Product

Megastar Electroniques Inc. will promptly provide Returned Material Authorization Numbers for incorrect part, see Section I. We request that you provide a copy of your original purchase order. Product must be returned with original packaging and labeling to help our investigation and processing. Your account will be credited when product returns are received and verified by our Quality Control Personnel.

III. Shipping Damage

If you receive damaged product with visible damage to external shipping containers, please report the damage to the carrier at the time of receipt. Please contact the Megastar Electroniques Inc. Sales Office with details of the damage.

IV. Defective Product

If you receive product that do not meet the manufacturer's specifications, please contact Megastar Electroniques Inc., and provide as much detail as possible about the nature of the problem. You will be requested to complete a Failure Analysis Report to provide detailed information regarding the failure.

Some manufacturers require review of failure exhibits by local Sales Representatives to verify the problem or to help customers with component applications. The Megastar Electroniques Inc. Sales office will contact the local Sales Representatives if the Supplier requires local review of component failure issues.

In other cases, our Sales staff will forward exhibits to the manufacturer via the Megastar Electroniques Inc. Quality Control Department. This verification process can be executed very quickly with most manufacturers. If the manufacturer confirms the problem, they will authorize the return of affected products and Megastar Electroniques Inc. will provide replacement products or credit. Megastar Electroniques Inc. will also require the manufacturer to provide appropriate Corrective Actions to prevent further component failures.

If the manufacturer determines that the failure exhibits meet the manufacturers' specifications, Megastar Electroniques Inc. will forward the manufacturer's completed Test Report and exhibits back to you.

V. Return Requests due to Customer Errors or Customer Convenience

Megastar Electroniques Inc. will consider return requests, at our sole discretion and without obligation, due to Customer Error or Customer Convenience subject to the following restrictions:


A. Product must not have been purchased with an NCNR agreement (Non Cancellable, Non Returnable) or be classified as CSP (Customer Specific Product).

B. Product must be undamaged and be in the Original Manufacturers sealed Packaging or Megastar Electroniques Inc. sealed packaging to ensure that there has been no possibility of physical damage, Electrostatic Discharge Damage (ESD) or exposure to moisture (especially important on Dry Packed SMT products). Megastar Electroniques Inc. product labeling must be in place so that we have clear traceability to our original shipment. Megastar Electroniques Inc. must be able to restock and resell this product with absolute confidence.

C. Programmable product (FPGAs, CPLDs, PALs, GALs, etc.) must be in their original packaging with unbroken Megastar Electroniques Inc. seals. Megastar Electroniques Inc. must be able to resell this product with absolute confidence that the parts have not been programmed or exposed to ESD. 

D. Product must have been shipped by Megastar Electroniques Inc. within the past 30 days. Megastar Electroniques Inc. manages inventory consumption on a FIFO basis (First In First Out) to provide the newest product possible to our customers.

E. Customer Convenience and Customer Error Returns shall be subject to restocking charges, which will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Megastar Electroniques Inc. Sales Office, with consideration for associated costs. Please refer to Megastar Electroniques Inc.'s Terms and Conditions which are posted at https://www.megastar.com/Store/conditions-of-use.

F. All Customer Error or Customer Convenience Returns will be carefully inspected prior to restocking. Any product that is not suitable for restocking will be returned to the Customer without credit.


For further information or questions on specific product return requests please contact the Sales Officer at 1-888-634-0042 or e-mail web@megastar.com.  


Non-Cancellable Non-Returnable Items (NCNR)

Products specified as Non-Cancellable Non-Returnable (NCNR) items at the time of order placing or sale cannot be returned to Megastar Electroniques Inc. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more details.