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Spacer for LED Lamps Dimensions
Part # OD L Manufacturer
HS4.8-10.5MM 4.8mm 10.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-10MM 4.8mm 10.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-11.5MM 4.8mm 11.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-11MM 4.8mm 11.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-12.5MM 4.8mm 12.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-12MM 4.8mm 12.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-13.5MM 4.8mm 13.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-13MM 4.8mm 13.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-14.5MM 4.8mm 14.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-14MM 4.8mm 14.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-15.5MM 4.8mm 15.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-15MM 4.8mm 15.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-16.5MM 4.8mm 16.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-16MM 4.8mm 16.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-17.5MM 4.8mm 17.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-17MM 4.8mm 17.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-18.5MM 4.8mm 18.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-18MM 4.8mm 18.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-19.5MM 4.8mm 19.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-19MM 4.8mm 19.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-20.5MM 4.8mm 20.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-20MM 4.8mm 20.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-21.5MM 4.8mm 21.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-21MM 4.8mm 21.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-22.5MM 4.8mm 22.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-22MM 4.8mm 22.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-23.5MM 4.8mm 23.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-23MM 4.8mm 23.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-24.5MM 4.8mm 24.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-24MM 4.8mm 24.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-25MM 4.8mm 25.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-3.5MM 4.8mm 3.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-3MM 4.8mm 3.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-4.5MM 4.8mm 4.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-4MM 4.8mm 4.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-5.5MM 4.8mm 5.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-5MM 4.8mm 5.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-6.5MM 4.8mm 6.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-6MM 4.8mm 6.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-7.5MM 4.8mm 7.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-7MM 4.8mm 7.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-8.5MM 4.8mm 8.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-8MM 4.8mm 8.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-9.5MM 4.8mm 9.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4.8-9MM 4.8mm 9.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4-10.5MM 4.0mm 10.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4-10MM 4.0mm 10.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4-11.5MM 4.0mm 11.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4-11MM 4.0mm 11.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4-12.5MM 4.0mm 12.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4-12MM 4.0mm 12.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4-13.5MM 4.0mm 13.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4-13MM 4.0mm 13.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4-14.5MM 4.0mm 14.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4-14MM 4.0mm 14.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4-15.5MM 4.0mm 15.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4-15MM 4.0mm 15.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4-16.5MM 4.0mm 16.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4-16MM 4.0mm 16.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4-17.5MM 4.0mm 17.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4-17MM 4.0mm 17.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4-18.5MM 4.0mm 18.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4-18MM 4.0mm 18.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4-19.5MM 4.0mm 19.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4-19MM 4.0mm 19.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4-20.5MM 4.0mm 20.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4-20MM 4.0mm 20.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4-21.5MM 4.0mm 21.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4-21MM 4.0mm 21.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4-22.5MM 4.0mm 22.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4-22MM 4.0mm 22.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4-23.5MM 4.0mm 23.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4-23MM 4.0mm 23.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4-24.5MM 4.0mm 24.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4-24MM 4.0mm 24.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4-25MM 4.0mm 25.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4-3.5MM 4.0mm 3.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4-3MM 4.0mm 3.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4-4.5MM 4.0mm 4.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4-4MM 4.0mm 4.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4-5.5MM 4.0mm 5.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4-5MM 4.0mm 5.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4-6.5MM 4.0mm 6.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4-6MM 4.0mm 6.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4-7.5MM 4.0mm 7.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4-7MM 4.0mm 7.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4-8.5MM 4.0mm 8.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4-8MM 4.0mm 8.0mm Ever-LEd
HS4-9.5MM 4.0mm 9.5mm Ever-LEd
HS4-9MM 4.0mm 9.0mm Ever-LEd
HS5-1.5MM 5.0mm 1.5mm Ever-LEd
HS5-10.5MM 5.0mm 10.5mm Ever-LEd
HS5-10MM 5.0mm 10.0mm Ever-LEd
HS5-11.5MM 5.0mm 11.5mm Ever-LEd
HS5-11MM 5.0mm 11.0mm Ever-LEd
HS5-12.5MM 5.0mm 12.5mm Ever-LEd
HS5-12MM 5.0mm 12.0mm Ever-LEd
HS5-13.5MM 5.0mm 13.5mm Ever-LEd
HS5-13MM 5.0mm 13.0mm Ever-LEd
HS5-14.5MM 5.0mm 14.5mm Ever-LEd
HS5-14MM 5.0mm 14.0mm Ever-LEd
HS5-15.5MM 5.0mm 15.5mm Ever-LEd
HS5-15MM 5.0mm 15.0mm Ever-LEd
HS5-16.5MM 5.0mm 16.5mm Ever-LEd
HS5-16MM 5.0mm 16.0mm Ever-LEd
HS5-17.5MM 5.0mm 17.5mm Ever-LEd
HS5-17.7MM 5.0mm 17.7mm Ever-LEd
HS5-17MM 5.0mm 17.0mm Ever-LEd
HS5-18.5MM 5.0mm 18.5mm Ever-LEd
HS5-18MM 5.0mm 18.0mm Ever-LEd
HS5-19.5MM 5.0mm 19.5mm Ever-LEd
HS5-19MM 5.0mm 19.0mm Ever-LEd
HS5-2.5MM 5.0mm 2.5mm Ever-LEd
HS5-20.5MM 5.0mm 20.5mm Ever-LEd
HS5-20MM 5.0mm 20.0mm Ever-LEd
HS5-21.5MM 5.0mm 21.5mm Ever-LEd
HS5-21MM 5.0mm 21.0mm Ever-LEd
HS5-22.5MM 5.0mm 22.5mm Ever-LEd
HS5-22MM 5.0mm 22.0mm Ever-LEd
HS5-23.5MM 5.0mm 23.5mm Ever-LEd
HS5-23MM 5.0mm 23.0mm Ever-LEd
HS5-24MM 5.0mm 24.0mm Ever-LEd
HS5-2MM 5.0mm 2.0mm Ever-LEd
HS5-3.5MM 5.0mm 3.5mm Ever-LEd
HS5-3MM 5.0mm 3.0mm Ever-LEd
HS5-4.5MM 5.0mm 4.5mm Ever-LEd
HS5-4MM 5.0mm 4.0mm Ever-LEd
HS5-5.5MM 5.0mm 5.5mm Ever-LEd
HS5-5MM 5.0mm 5.0mm Ever-LEd
HS5-6.5MM 5.0mm 6.5mm Ever-LEd
HS5-6.8MM 5.0mm 6.8mm Ever-LEd
HS5-6MM 5.0mm 6.0mm Ever-LEd
HS5-7.5MM 5.0mm 7.5mm Ever-LEd
HS5-7MM 5.0mm 7.0mm Ever-LEd
HS5-8.5MM 5.0mm 8.5mm Ever-LEd
HS5-8.8MM 5.0mm 8.8mm Ever-LEd
HS5-8MM 5.0mm 8.0mm Ever-LEd
HS5-9.5MM 5.0mm 9.5mm Ever-LEd
HS5-9MM 5.0mm 9.0mm Ever-LEd
Images shown are a representation only. Product and marking may be different, refer to datasheet for exact specifications.